Super Hunkyjunk 3 Pc Cockrings Teal Ice

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Super Hunkyjunk 3 Pc Cockrings Teal Ice


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SUPERHUJ cockrings are tighter max stretchy rings designed for bigger bone, bigger bulge, stiffer play rubbery stretch makes these the best action ring, we call these fuck rings because they are made for a firm fit for your firm dick.

The pack of three also makes gradual ball stretching easier start with one, add more as you need more stretch or wear one as a cockring the other two on your sack.
Designed with a lube channel inside to keep you moist for less snag pinch and a inner curve that flattens as you stretch to help keep SUPERHUJ where you put it, these will not roll snagging your pubes or any uncomfortable slippage.

All colours are our custom Plus SILICONE mix with a lush dull velvet finish and a warm fleshy feel perfect for your sack. Hünkyjunk makes rings that work hard we design for your pleasure.


  • Triple pack cockring ballrings
  • Inner channel hold lube for less snag and pinch
  • No Roll inner ring design flattens to stay put
  • Plus SILICONE matt velvet finish silicone TPR blend



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