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LifeStyles Large Condoms 10


SKU: LS-360047
Category: Body Care, Brands, Condoms, LifeStyles Condoms, New

Offering a wider-than-average 56mm in nominal width, these easy-fit condoms keep you and your partner comfortable a dozen times over. Because wearing a condom that’s too tight could increase the chance of splitting, these teat-ended condoms offer a safer alternative for men with a wider member.

A coating of water-based lubricant keeps things slick and friction-free, meaning things are comfortable for you and your partner.

  • 10 large condoms to give bigger gents a more comfortable fit
  • Coated with non-spermicidal lube for extra comfort and enjoyment
  • Easy-fit style is simple to slip on
  • Nominal width of 56mm offers a regular fit
  • Reservoir teat gives extra safety


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