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Naughty Kitty Cat Mask


SKU: AG202
Category: BDSM, Blindfolds and Hoods, Brands, Master Series
Tags: On Sale

Act out your animalistic fantasies with the Naughty Kitty mask… Slip it on for a frisky foray with friends, or private party with your partner.

They will be eager to make you purr as you slink around like a well-behaved pet or a feral feline.

The nickel-free metal studs and the adjustable strap ensure that it is compatible with most people – or rather, cats. Designed with raw sex appeal in mind, the ears and cut-outs are flattering and irresistible.

Measurements: Mast is 9.25 inches in width. 7.25 inches in height. Strap adjusts from 22 to 17 inches in circumference.



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