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Skwert Lube Injector


SKU: BY0402
Category: Anal, Body Care, Boneyard, Brands

The Skwert Lube Injector quickly converts most lube bottles into a lube injector.  Forget those messy syringes, the Skwert Lube Injector makes deep lubrication much easier. The 10cm)interchangeable plastic injector comes with a small and large lube bottle cap. The injector has comfortable finger pump holds, that lets you inject the perfect amount of lubricant with no backflow. The injector also comes with a sanitary storage/travel cap.  The hose attachment can be cut to fit multiple size bottles.

  • Sanitary Storage Cap
  • 10cm Plastic Nozzle
  • Small Lube Bottle Attachment
  • Large Lube Bottle Attachment
  • Comfortable Finger Pump Holds

This product is compatible with lubricants, completely hypoallergenic, non-irritating and compatible with sensitive skin.  


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