Spiked 5 Row Pinwheel

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Spiked 5 Row Pinwheel


SKU: AE696
Category: BDSM, Brands, Master Series

This modern take on a Wartenberg wheel features a row of 5 spikey pinwheels for your pin-pricking pleasure. The ergonomically-shaped handle allows for good grip in those hot and heavy moments when you want to deliver a subtle but sharp sensation. The smooth rolling motion will glide over the whole body, dipping easily into those most sensitive spots. Ideal for sensation play, this device pairs well with a blindfold to keep your partner guessing where they will feel that delightful sting next. Lightweight and travel-friendly, this pinwheel is a simple way to spice up any sexual experience.

Measurements: 6.5 inches in length, 1.4 inches at widest point.

Material: ABS, Metal.

Color: Black.


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