Stacker Ring 1.8in 45mm

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Stacker Ring 1.8in 45mm


SKU: DK2016
Category: Adult Toys, Cock Rings, Coming Soon, Demon Kat

The Stacker Ring 1.8” (45mm) is a unique ring as it is slightly wider than a standard size cock ring. This makes it perfect to use as either a cock ring or a ball stretcher. Mix and match these rings with other size Stacker rings for light to heavy cock and ball stretching. Or use one on your cock, one on your balls and the other around both. The options are endless with the Stacker Rings.


  • Material: Medical grade silicone.
  • This product is safe with all lubricants, hypoallergenic, non-irritating and compatible with sensitive skin.
  • Wash after each use with warm water or toy cleaner.
  • Allow to completely air dry.
  • Store separately from other toys.
  • For novelty use only.




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