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Unit X Cocksling Black


SKU: AJ-1068-BLK
Category: Brands, Cock and Ball, OxBalls

UNIT-X…The ultimate cocksling–just what you need, nothing you dont.

We designed the original COCKSLING three years ago, probably the best selling cock & ball toy ever…UNIT-X is the best parts of that design without all the bulk…built to fit closer to the base of your dick, higher on your ballsack.

UNIT-X is from our new design boys at OXBALLS, a new brand of gear from OXBALLS…

COCKSLING is a hard-core, meaty cock-toy built tough for the long haul–but UNIT-X is a sleek, sporty, power-fucksling built for speed…it wraps around just the base of your dick and the top of your ballsack, no extra thick rings or chunky bits…it made from a all new TPR blend that’s stretches more and it feels more rubbery…UNIT-X fits big or slim dicks, it fits huge balls or high & tight nut-sacks…

made of the best TRP blend…safe, non-toxic and pthalate free.  wash with warm soapy water after use, ok with all lubes.


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